Hi! My name is Keisha Greene and I’m a licensed real estate referral agent with Allegiance Referrals, LLC.

Now you may be wondering, what is a Referral Agent? 🤔….. Let me break it down to you and explain my services.

I am a licensed professional affiliated with a brokerage which I personally do not represent buyers and sellers, but can help navigate your real estate needs to bring them into reality by connecting you with a full service agent. I do not list or locate properties for clients, but I work closely with both buyer’s & seller’s agents and also with lenders to get you pre approved. My service is to understand your needs, priorities and timeline as a client, then by using the information given I will match you with a lender (or you may choose one of your choice) to get pre approved and after connect you with an agent. It’s like having your own personal Human Resources department with no out of pocket cost to you.

Looking for someone who puts YOU first, follows up and makes sure you reach your real estate goals? Look no further…… Contact me TODAY! I would love to help while you enjoy the benefits of working with a Real Estate Referral Agent. 😊

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Moisture on Windows

You’re standing by your window admiring the view. Then you notice it. Moisture has built up around the edges of the glass. Should you worry?It all depends on the reason for the build up. Assuming you have traditional double-pane glass in your windows, there are a few things to look for ...

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Should You Worry About Market Fluctuations?

You turn on the television and watch a news story about housing prices going down. Then you read an article about the housing market on the upswing again. It’s a little like being on a roller-coaster ride! Unfortunately, the ride isn’t much fun if you’re thinking of buying or selling a home. ...

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Finding the Perfect “Kid-Friendly” Neighborhood

Fast forward a few years and imagine that your kids have grown up. They’ve come back to the “old neighborhood” to reminisce. What will they remember? The playground where they hung out with their friends? The quiet cul-de-sac where they learned to ride their bikes? The park where they picnicked ...

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Will Your Furniture Fit?

When shopping for a new house or condo, most buyers consider factors such as neighborhood, proximity to schools, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, size of the kitchen, and more.These are, of course, all important considerations. But, there’s one question that few buyers ask until it’s too late: “Will our furniture ...

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